Submissions for 2024 are closed.
Criteria for the Competitive Awards

There will be seven (7) competitive awards in 2024 – Breakthrough Comedy Series, Breakthrough Drama Series, Breakthrough Limited Series, Breakthrough Nonfiction Series, Outstanding Performance in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Performance in a Drama Series, and Outstanding Performance in a Limited Series.

All eligible submissions must meet the following basic criteria for competitive awards:

Breakthrough Series

  • For new series originally aired or transmitted for the first time during the eligibility period on television (network, basic cable, pay cable, pay television, pay-per-view, interactive cable, broadband) or digital distribution through internet platforms.
  • The premiere of the first season of a series must have been within the eligibility period of October 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024
  • There will be six awards presented in the fiction categories and one award for nonfiction series:
    • Breakthrough Comedy or Drama Series
      The first season of a continuing fiction series consisting of six or more episodes.
    • Breakthrough Limited Series
      A limited fiction series consisting of two or more episodes with a total runtime of at least 150 program minutes.
    • Breakthrough Nonfiction Series
      A continuing or limited nonfiction series consisting of three or more episodes.
    • Outstanding Performance in a Comedy, Drama, or Limited Series
      An outstanding performance in a Breakthrough fiction series eligible in one of the three Breakthrough fiction series categories.
  • A majority of the episodes of a series must be broadcast, transmitted, or available for download within the eligibility period. For series premiering in April-May 2024, a minimum of three episodes must be made available to the Gotham nominating committees. Anthology series with new stories annually are only eligible in the debut season. Series returns, revivals, reboots, or continuations after a hiatus are not eligible as “Breakthrough” series.
  • International television production is only eligible if it is the result of a co-production (both financially and creatively) between U.S. and international partners and with a purpose to be shown to U.S audiences in the same eligibility year.


Breakthrough Series

The awards honor exceptionally realized new fiction and nonfiction series that expand the possibilities of creativity in serialized content. The series should be realized and characterized by innovation, risk taking, creative freedom and vision, and the introduction of new voices and non-traditional subject matter that enrich the landscape or push the boundaries of TV. The Gotham Award will be presented to the film’s credited Creators and Executive Producers and to directors in such cases where they are not EPs but have directed every episode of the season.

Outstanding Performance in a New Series

For an outstanding single performance in a new fiction series submitted for Breakthrough Series. The role should be for a lead or significant featured or supporting role. Up to 10 performances per series may be nominated by the nominating committee. The Gotham Award will be presented to the performer.



Commercial distribution entities: $150 per TV series category. For example, if a series were to be submitted for consideration in two different categories (i.e., Breakthrough Comedy Series and Outstanding Performance in a Comedy Series), that project would incur a $300 Submission Fee.

Individual creators self-distributing: $100 per series title.

For queries on eligibility and submissions, please contact Steven Pfeiffer at [email protected] 


Executive Criteria Committee

An internal committee comprised of Gotham TV Awards staff and the Gotham Board ensure that submitted series meet the award criteria. Ineligible entries will be disqualified at any stage of the submission and review process.

Nominating Committees

Committees comprised of TV critics, journalists, film curators, festival programmers and others not directly engaged in the production and distribution of films and television will review submitted series that meet the criteria and determine the final nominees in the competitive categories.

Final Selection Juries and Award Voting

A final jury of distinguished creators will determine the winners in each category. Final juries will be comprised of creators, directors, writers, producers, editors, actors, directors of photography and others directly associated with making TV and films. Executives of companies which release or sell films do not participate in these selections at any stage.

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